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Freedom for Boris Kagarlitzki, freedom for Julian Assange.

Freedom for Boris Kagarlitzki, freedom for Julian Assange.

As Laika Publishing House and as author:s of this publishing house we were and are glad and proud to know Boris Kagarlitzki with us. Already in the years of the collapse of the Soviet Union, in the movements for a different globalization, in the resistance against the wildrunned capitalist regimes of the ex-real socialist countries, Boris Kagarlitzki gave and gives an example of the lasting possibility of unreserved criticism of the actual ruling world conditions. It is significant that in his own country he could only publish his constant objection against the murderous violence of the Russian state not only in Ukraine, but also against the violence of NATO and the authoritarian Ukrainian nationalism only under the label of a "foreign agent". Significantly for Boris Kagarlitzki, the truth is that no state in this world has ever wanted to make him its agent and never will. His shameful arrest and the intention to incarcerate him for years only prove the stupidity of state powers who want to eliminate dissent and adherence to a policy of radical liberation with naked repression. The same shameful stupidity motivates the persecution of countless other people, most prominently the U.S. government's persecution of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. They will not get away with it. Freedom for Boris Kagarlitzki, freedom for Julian Assange.

Karl-Heinz Dellwo, LAIKA-Edition and the Gallery of the offbeat art, Hamburg

Gabriella Angheleddu, LAIKA-Edition and the Gallery of the offbeat art, Hamburg

Slavoij Žižek, Author and Philosopher, Lubljana

Joshua Clover, Author and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California Davis. 

Thomas Rudhof-Seibert, Author and Philosopher, Frankfurt,

Sandro Mezzadra, Author and Professor of Political Science, University of Bologna

Achim Szepanski, Author, Frankfurt

Stephan Lessenich, Professor for Social Theory, University of Frankfurt

Luciana Castellina, Italian politician, journalist and writer, communist MP, multiple MEP, author, Rome

Walter Famler, Secretary General, Old Forge Vienna Art Association, Wien

Silvia De Bernardinis, Dr., indipendent researcher, Italy.

Antonio Carlos Mazzeo, Professor of political philosophy USP (University of São Paulo) - Unesp (Universtiy Estadual de São Paulo), Brazil.

Giovanni Russo Spena, Italian politician, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and Senator of the Republic, Rome



Published by LAIKA:

Boris Kargalitzki:  Revolt of the middle class (2013)

Kai Ehler: 25 Years of Perestroika, Conversations with Boris Kagarlitzki, Vol 1 and 2 (2014)

We make this statement in the knowledge that many other critics of the system are still being persecuted and imprisoned. We express our solidarity with them and stand up for their freedom as well.