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Geschrieben am 11. 11. 2008

Jeder Menschen braucht einen Raum

Ausstellung von Karin Peulen in Maastricht/NL
Mit einer Einleitung des Kulturhistorikers Guido Goossens

Lopen Portet
Karin Peulen

"Arbeit an der Erinnerung I: Jeder braucht seinen eigenen Raum"

Karin Peulen creates “portraits” of spaces and situations. These are generally situations in which people come together because they share a particular fascination, or specific rooms and spaces such as prison cells. For Glocal Affairs, Karin Peulen – alongside Karl Heinz Dellwo, a former member of the German Red Army Faction (RAF) – creates portraits of the prison area of the special RAF prison in the German town of Celle, where Dellwo was kept for 17 years from twenty.

The former RAF members were largely isolated as political prisoners, both from other prisoners and from the outside world. For humanitarian reasons, they therefore enjoyed a little more luxury. While prisoners in a standard cell were only able to walk up and down in a straight line, Dellwo was able to walk around in a figure of eight.

Zur Ausstellungeröffnung fand eine Diskussion über die RAF, die Haft und über die Kunst mit Jacco Pekelder und Karl-Heinz Dellwo statt. Link zur Diskussion:


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De Limburger De Limburger, Zaterdag 1. november 2008, copyright Foto: Karin Peulen

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